Friday rocked some camo suspenders and a wife-beater to the beerhunter function. Had a great time power hour drinking and pong then drunk boarded down greekrow and home with some fools. Saturday picked up booze and some Beth. Rode up to coeurdalene with the little, Dylan. Felt like the funniest guy in the world with Beth along, we walked around the resort and down to the docks until it started sprinkling. Got some din at a sports bar then back to the lake for cruise! Got on the boat and bought some drinks, cheered on the drunks that got kicked off the boat early, danced like a gangster, had a heart to heart. Pretty much covered everything that makes cruise such a badass memory. Drunken pool party was an awesome night cap. Grabbed some Dennys on the way out of town. Got back to moscow in time to watch the monsoon roll in while enjoying some steak and an arnold palmer.